After Getting Boosted, We Got Tested

I woke up this Friday a bit lazy. It was the last day of the work-week, at last. For the very first time this month of January, I had the luxury to move slower, to check my phone leisurely, to breathe-in, breathe-out, and to stretch in a manner that displays my unwillingness to get out of my bed. Pero Friday pa lang, huy! Sabi nga ni Tita Witty, “Get up, girl, hindi ka Prinsesa ng Genovia.”

Good thing I do not have a meeting this early morning nor a pressing deadline that needs to be attended ASAP. Sa wakas talaga, pwedeng huminga. My list of to-do is never-ending, but at least, no one’s rushing this time. Thank you, Lord.

You see, I got tested positive of Covid-19 middle of this month, a week after we had our booster shots. But this same month requires my time, attention, brain cells, and all my energy that feeling sick is not advisable and not, in any chance, welcome.

Did I recover? I guess. I am not suffering from cough and colds anymore.

Am I well? Honestly, I’m not sure. Haha. I get tired easily these days, and I get moody whenever I’m too worn out to entertain few minor mishaps. They say fatigue is one of the effects of the infection. I find it difficult as well to go with the liveliness of Jeff every time he wakes up in the afternoon, eh lobat na ko nun. Tapos ang kulit pa niya ‘pag wala siyang work. Haha.

More kwento about our journey from getting sick to recovery here in the latest episode of Coffee Na Lang Dear podcast. Sino’ng positive? Sino’ng negative? At bakit kami tawang-tawa sa results ng RT-PCR namin?

And for those who cannot play the episode in Spotify (Hello Inang Bibe! :D), listen here 👉 https://bit.ly/3r5aYYU

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