Does Giving Gift Necessary?

You love buying gifts for others. You love shopping in all forms, to begin with. Adding to cart, mine-ing on live selling, or checking out in the cashier - you definitely take pleasure in these activities. You enjoy packing each item with care. Even putting gift cards excites you the most. But what happens when… Continue reading Does Giving Gift Necessary?

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An Account of Real Events Concerning Sagada

One will agree that visiting a particular province or municipality becomes more meaningful when you immerse yourself in its culture and hear stories that move your heart and make you contemplate about life in general. I have mentioned in my previous blog that it was my second time in Sagada, but to be honest, it… Continue reading An Account of Real Events Concerning Sagada


Beanie Beanie Bo-Bony Bonana Fanna Fo-Fony

Discovering a hobby has a beneficial impact on both physical and mental well-being. There has been a lot of research confirming that engaging in an undertaking being done regularly in one's leisure time has advantages that extend for hours, days, and even years beyond the actual time it takes to complete the activity. One benefit… Continue reading Beanie Beanie Bo-Bony Bonana Fanna Fo-Fony