Differences Between Men And Women

Ika nga ng isang libro, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." Same species, pero galing sa magkaibang planeta. Biologically and physiologically, marami daw talagang pagkakaiba ang babae sa lalaki. Ang iba dito ay nakaka-amaze habang ang iba naman ay nakakatawa. Halimbawa, young girls develop their right side of the brain faster kaya sila… Continue reading Differences Between Men And Women


Hacienda Carolina Resort Tour

I rented this private resort in San Rafael, Bulacan supposedly to celebrate New Year's Eve last December 31, 2020 and stay there until the afternoon of January 1, 2021. With the permission of my parents and agreed upon by my siblings, we were supposed to spend NYE outside the house for the very first time.… Continue reading Hacienda Carolina Resort Tour

Personal Leadership

Unpopular Opinion: Stop Being Productive

"It’s tough enough to be productive in the best of times let alone when we’re in a global crisis." - Chris Bailey, Author of Hyperfocus: How to Manage Your Attention in a World of Distraction. The notion that we have so much time available these days is wonderful, but the truth is, it's the opposite… Continue reading Unpopular Opinion: Stop Being Productive

Personal Leadership

We Are Currently Living In The History Of Tomorrow

To My Future Children,   Today, March 24, 2020, marks my 11th day of being under home quarantine. While I am in the comfort of my unit here in the metro, my present worries revolve on aspects of finding water refilling stations and online groceries around the area. Work is fine since we are doing… Continue reading We Are Currently Living In The History Of Tomorrow

Personal Leadership

Freedom Is Not For Our Advantage

Imagine me lying on my bed in reversed position last night while scrolling Facebook feeds. My feet were resting up high, leaning on the top portion of the bed frame, thinking that it’s effective in maintaining regular flow of blood and will prevent me from experiencing cramps while sleeping, which occurs most of the time… Continue reading Freedom Is Not For Our Advantage